The Importance of Support in Multi-Sport.

I know that the sport of triathlon is seen as a individual sport, but I find this to not be totally true. I know that the obvious, being involved in a rely team event exists, but that’s not what I am talking about. What I am talking about the team effort that needs to happen for a single person crossing the triathlon finish line. I believe that this takes place no matter what distance you are covering.


This support comes in many forms. There is your Tri-Club, there is your coach, there is your employer giving you the time off to participate and train from time to time. But, in my opinion the most important is family support. Training for triathlon (long course in particular) takes a lot of time. It’s the early mornings, and the long training days that really put that support to the test. There are weeks that I have trained up to 20 hours for a event.  And that’s with 2 kids, a wife, a full time job, and a house and yard to take care of. I’ve gone on 100 mile bike rides while in a family vacation. And I’ve packed more training gear than anything else on those same trips. I’ve fell asleep (and I swear I was just going to rest my eyes for a minute) when I was supposed to be getting ready to go out to dinner with my wife. I have screamed in pain from cramping legs for half the night after an event while my wife tended to my every need. This list could go on and on, I think you get my point.

Crossing the finishing line at an endurance event has a feeling like no other. Having break through training sessions also have a distinct feeling. My family and circle of support knows that I like those feelings in my life to feel more alive. And they are willing to support and sacrifice for me to achieve all of these crazy things.

So weather you are signing up for your first sprint or in the middle of training for Ironman, don’t forget to thank everyone helping and sacrificing for you and your sport.

And here at Tri Fitness we also want to help support you. From training plans, to personal training, to apparel and shoes, and beyond we can help you along your journey. Stop in and find out how we can help

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See you on the road, in the lake, or on the trails,



Why I Wear Drymax Socks.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love socks.  And to be completely honest, I can be a total snob when it comes to them.  Ask my wife, she will back this up.  I am very particular when it comes to socks.  Some of you may be asking yourself why?  It’s just a sock, why does it make a difference? Once you have felt the difference during a long run, or workout you will fully understand what I am talking about.  And while you may not get into socks as far as I have, you will think more about what is the first line of defense for your feet. Take care of your feet and they will carry you millions of miles.


The nuts and bolts of what makes Drymax work.

They have a 3D advanced fit.  When these socks were developed they were done on 3D foot shaped models.  And they have a smaller foot size range within each size.  Many times I have purchased a pair of socks, only to get them home and find out I was at one of the far ends of the fit.  And this has left me with an ill fitting sock.

They have vented arch band, this keeps my feet cool and comfortable no matter what the temperature is. They also come in different thickness, and heights.  I love wearing the hyper-thin no shows in the summer and the regular running 1/4 crew in the fall and winter.  They have a ton of options to fulfill what you are looking for in a sock.

There is silver antimicrobial fibers woven in to the sock.  What does that mean?  They stink less. How much less?  So much so that I usually only wash them every third time I wear them.  Please keep in mind that when I say this I am talking about using them when when I run or workout.  I don’t put on previously warn socks to head in to work.   But when I get back from a run I will turn them inside out and place them over my shoes until I go for my next run.  Are there times that I have to wash them more often? Sure, but for the most part its the every third time.  This also makes the socks last longer, because they are not being beat up by the washing machine as much. I also use Sportwash on them and all of my other cloths.  It gets the smell out and keeps my workout gear lasting longer.

Drymax is a duel layer sock.  This is where the magic happens.  As your feet sweat, it attracts the moisture with the layer closest to your foot, and moves it to the outer layer so that your foot will not remain wet. There is also a fiber called Friction Free Profilen.  This is like no stick Teflon on your cooking pots and pans, but this Teflon doesn’t keep your eggs from sticking to your frying pan. These fibers prevent blisters, creating a friction free zone.  That along with the wicking profile of the duel layer construction they keep my feet dry and blister free.  drymax2

There you have it, these are the reasons I wear Drymax socks.  Try some out and change the way you look at socks.

See you on the road, in the lake, or on the trails,


Lose Your Health, Lose Your Mojo

lost-and-foundLast year around this time I took a serious hit for several weeks with whatever mutant illness was plaguing the planet. I learned that “Without your health, you have nothing.”

While being sick, there were several things I wasn’t able to do:

  • workout
  • eat entirely the way I should
  • spend time with friends and family
  • focus
  • work

The result:

  • gained weight
  • lost muscle
  • less energy
  • lost motivation
  • no income
  • no new blogs/business progress
  • lost mental clarity
  • cancelled client sessions
  • less confidence
  • lost voice so I couldn’t really talk to anyone
  • less family/friend interaction
  • etc.

I was pretty much a foggy-brained, productive-less couch potato. I completely lost my mojo in every area of my life…and once I started to feel better it took a little extra hard work to get it back and find my routine again. I’ll be honest, square one sucks, but I also know this is a great time to re-evaluate and set new goals (find the positive in everything)! That’s exciting, right?!

With that said, here are 8 preventative measures you can take to help secure your health:

  1. workout – Weights, cardio, and flexibility are crucial here. Don’t skip any of these three components because they serve each other and function together. Weights build muscle which helps burn fat and keeps your metabolism up, makes you stronger, and protects! Cardio helps keep the health of your heart, lungs, veins, and arteries, etc., in tip-top shape! Flexibility helps improve your range of motion and keeps you safe while you’re doing both cardio and weight training. It’s also great for relaxation and a boost for your mental health.
  2. eat clean – What you put into your body, you’ll get out of your body. Put in crap and your body will treat you like crap. Put in wholesome, nutrient-rich foods and your body will work for you, not against you! You’ll have more energy, a lower body fat percentage, and a stronger immune system (among several other things)!
  3. drink lots of water – Your body is mostly water! Did you know that? It creeps around in every cell of your body and serves a useful purpose in every bodily function, so it’s important to keep a fresh supply running through at all times. Water is also how your body helps flush some toxins and other crud out of your system.
  4. wash your hands – Always wash your hands when you’ve been out and about, touch lots of items and people, and before you eat. And always keep a travel hand sanitizer with you. We touch our faces a lot without much thought, and that’s one of the biggest ways we absorb germs that cause illness.
  5. schedule a break – Our bodies need rest. If we’re always on the go-go-go and pushing ourselves every waking moment (which is easy to do since we all lead busy lives), our bodies become stressed. Make sure you schedule a rest day in your workout routine or plan something that puts you at ease and makes you purely happy. Read, have a power nap, get a pedicure or massage, have date night with your significant other, or do some yoga.
  6. get enough sleep – This pairs well with #5 above. Our bodies do most of their repair work and recharging at night, so make sure you get 7-9 hours of quality REM sleep every night.
  7. laugh – I’ve always believed the best medicine for just about anything is laughter. Stay positive, surround yourself with people that make you laugh, kick back with your favorite comedy, or buy a dog (seriously!)! You can’t help but feel good when you’re laughing.
  8. regular check-ups – There are a lot of people who neglect their regular check-ups (I’m guilty)…whether it be dental, physical, optic, chiropractic, etc. It’s a good idea since some of the health issues that develop we can’t necessarily see or notice on our own. If anything, it’ll be a great little ego boost when the doc tells you you’re so stinkin’ healthy he/she can’t believe it (if you’re doing all of the above)!

Bottom line? Lose your health, lose your mojo. Find your health, find your mojo.

Yours in Health,


The Family of Triathlon


I know that I spend most of my time on here writing about various products, and other little things that someone told me that I found helpful and I feel the need to pass on to you.  But today I would like to change gears a bit, and talk about the family I have discovered in the sport of triathlon.

I have grown to love multi-sport, that’s not to say that I still don’t have times when I am intimidated on race day, or I have to really talk myself into finishing a training session. That’s where the family of Triathlon comes in.  I have done races where I have not known a single person before getting to the parking lot, and by the time I was loading up I was chatting it up with a hand full of friends I just made.  I have never meet a greater group of people, that are willing to help, lend equipment, or give you tips for other awesome races to check out.  That’s not to say that there are no a few triathletes out there that can be rude of impolite, but these are few and far between in my experience.

I also want to talk about how great it is being part of a team.  At Trifitness I am part of the Tri-Club. There are countless benefits to being part of this club.  Having coaches, trainers, and peers to bounce ideas off is so important in having a great race season.  And having one or more people that are willing to go out and grind out training sessions, not only helps with motivation, but also can make you better.  As everyone has different strengths.  For more information on the Trifitness Tri-Club, click HERE.  It’s a great value, and I have gained to much to even measure it.

The family of Triathlon has done great things for me, and my hope is that it will do the same for you.

See on the road, in the lake, or on the trails,



I’m Sick! Can I Still Workout?

black-woman-sick‘Tis the season for colds and influenza! When you’re on track towards a particular goal, it definitely puts an unwanted halt in your momentum and progress. A couple of scenarios usually play out: 1) you have the drive and dedication to try and push through your workouts anyway; or 2) you take a break entirely until you’re feeling well again. You know what these two scenarios have in common? They could both place you back at square one! Unfortunate, right? Pushing through your workout could end up prolonging the duration of your illness leading to very little gains towards your goals, and waiting until you’re completely well again could cause you to risk losing some of the muscle you’ve built and fitness level you’ve gained. It’s amazing how long it can take to build and how fast it can fade. Kind of feels like a lose-lose situation no matter what you do, right? So what DO you do?

There are two common types of illnesses to look out for: colds and influenza. We’ve all experienced both at some time or another. The two are quite different so your reaction to them as far as activity goes should be different, as well. Colds typically effect the upper part of the body in the chest, neck, and head while influenza typically effects the lower regions of the body in the intestines, tummy, and chest. Below are two lists of symptoms that are categorized as “Go get ’em, Tiger” and “Slow down, Rockstar.” The first list consists of symptoms that are typically associated with colds while the second list consists of symptoms that are typically associated with the flu.

Go get ’em, Tiger!

  • stuffy nose
  • light-moderate headache
  • light chest congestion
  • light coughing
  • light-moderate sore throat
  • sneezing
  • light fatigue

Slow down, Rockstar!

  • fever
  • heavy chest congestion
  • throwing up
  • heavy coughing
  • diarrhea
  • upset stomach
  • aching body/muscles
  • heavy fatigue
  • heavy coughing

When you’re experiencing severe cold or flu-like symptoms, it’s always a good idea to take a break. Don’t worry about losing any progress you’ve made up until this point. Your job is to get better as quickly as possible so you can get back in the saddle! Oftentimes when you have the flu you are unable to feed your body normally. When you can’t fuel your body properly for working out, you absolutely should not be trying to kill it in the gym! Lay low until you’re better! Your body needs to focus its energy on killing bacteria/viruses and healing itself. When you workout with high intensity while you’re sick your body starts trying to put its energy elsewhere to build and recover muscle tissue, etc., which can prolong your recovery. Even if you do feel well enough to workout, take it down a notch or two to a low or moderate intensity. This will help reserve enough energy for getting better without causing you to sacrifice all your previous efforts in the gym. Also make sure you get lots of sleep! Your body does most of its repair and recovery while it’s resting…this includes sickness/illness.

Keep in mind I am no doctor and this is just my opinion based on my personal experience and fitness knowledge. As always, consult your doctor and take their advice!

Yours in Health,


Let’s Talk About Chafing

As your getting ready to head out for that run, ride, or workout this detail can sometimes be forgotten.  CHAFING.  I wish that someone had warned me about this earlier.  If you have not experienced this consider yourself one one of the lucky ones.  This can come as a minor irritation, all the way to a full blown blood involved situation.  But the good news is that most  of these problems are avoidable.  All it’s takes is a little planing ahead.

So for the sake of science lets define Chafing

Chafing is the irritation of skin caused by repetitive friction, its uschafingually caused from skin contact from multiple body parts. Common areas are inner thighs, inner glutes, arm pits, etc.  It can also happen with ill fitting apparel.


What helps prevent chafing?

Most importantly make sure that your apparel fits you correctly.  Make sure that items are not to loose, and that seems feel tight and comfortable against the skin.  We can help you with that at Trifitness.  All of our staff is knowledgeable on how fitness apparel should fit, and can help you find something that both looks and feels great.

Also there are a few products that specifically deal with chafing.

Glide.  This product is a lifesaver for many of us here at Trifitness.  Glide is a non-greasy skin barrier to the effects of rubbing.  It is water and sweat resistant.  It is also neoprene safe, so it can be used with a wetsuit.  It washes clean from clothing and can even be used to already irritated skin.   glide


Chamois Butt’r is another product that many of us use.  This is a creamer option, and is great to applying to both skin and clothing. Many cyclists use this product by applying is directly to their chamois.  When using this product make sure that you wash the apparel between every use.  This product is also great for soothing already irritated skin.butt'r

I hope you have found this useful, and I hope that you will never experience chafing, or never have to experience it again.


See you on the road, in the lake, or on the trails.


Top 8 Fitness & Nutrition Apps (2)

As technology continues to grow, there are a number of fitness, health, wellness, and nutrition apps that we can download to our mobile devices to help us log our food, track our workouts, set goals, meditate, connect with other like-minded fitness enthusiasts, get inspired and motivated, stay accountable, try new recipes, find close-by health food, etc. If you’re looking for anything health and wellness related, as they say, there is probably “an app for that.” I’ve decided to collect and share with you some of my personal top 8 favorite apps with you. Give them a try or search out your own to motivate and guide you through your healthy lifestyle!


LoseIt is a really seamless nutrition logging application and website. It allows you to set a calorie budget for the day, track food, input exercise, and stay motivated with peer support and friendships. There is a premium membership and free membership based on your preference or level of desired features. You can also connect devices and accounts like a fitbit tracker, fitbit aria, Facebook, Twitter, Run Keeper, Nike, etc. I prefer this app over the more popular Myfitnesspal below because of its ease of use, simplicity, and the way they set up inputting your food and selection of portions.


This is the most well-known and universal nutrition tracking app. This platform contains a much larger community of people, so if community is what you’re looking for, this app might be your choice. However, the set-up and features are slightly more complex than LoseIt, but you get very similar types of features from both platforms. Additionally, if you have other apps, accounts, and devices you’d like to connect, Myfitnesspal syncs with a greater amount of these than does LoseIt.


Want to make money from your fitness and nutrition commitments? This is your app! Pact allows you to create, well, a PACT with the app for a weekly commitment to fruits/veggies, nutrition logging, and/or workouts. Complete your workouts? Get paid by the community from those who didn’t adhere to their pact. Don’t complete your workouts? You pay what you wager per missed activity. The motivation to get sh!t done is really high when money is involved!


If you’re aware, goal-setting is one of the best ways to help boost your achievement in any area of your life – including fitness and health. Lift helps you succeed with coaching, community, and data. So you can get guidance, encouragement, and set up reminders, learn from users and experts, and track your goals progress to keep you moving forward.


I know that Instagram is not specifically a health and wellness application, BUT the usefulness of this app for health and wellness purposes is HUGE – at least in my opinion. The community of fitness and health people here is so big that you can find inspiration and motivation for the development and continuation of your own lifestyle in seconds. (come find me! @tanyathurnau)


I used to track my workouts (sets/reps/time/etc.) the good old fashioned way up until VERY recently. I seriously think I was the only one carrying around a notebook or binder and pen around the gym with me. Then it hit me – there’s probably an “app for that.” Duh!! I ran across this little gem, fitlist. It allows you to save your workouts (sets, reps, and all) for future use. You can add your own exercises, as well. It’s so simple that it’s easy and fast to use DURING your workout so you never skip a beat. You can see past workouts with a quick calendar swipe or even plan future workouts.


The mind is just as important as the body in a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve never made meditation a daily practice (even 5 short minutes), I highly recommend it. Calm is great and has categories for different types of subject-centered focus and has times ranging from 2-30 minutes.

Guided Mind

Guided Mind is another meditation app similar to Calm. There are 8 Guide Experts, 20 guided meditations, option to download your meditations so you can listen without an internet connection, TONS of premium meditations you can buy, 5, 15, and 30 minute meditations, and a variety of meditation topics to choose from.

Yours in Health,